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Arrive in style to Centerfolds Las Vegas. We offer a complimentary car pick up service, from your hotel to our Club.  – Enjoy this ride! It’s Totally Free!!

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Call (702) 767-8757 or
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+Get a Free ride and free entry.

    * Dispatch will contact you 20 min prior to pickup on same day request or by 4:00pm next day scheduled Free Limo pickup.


    How much does the limo service cost?

    Club Transportation is always free. and you receive a free entry ticket. If you need a ride NOW please call us for availability. If you’re scheduling a future ride please fill out the Reservation Form Above.

    How Does the Free Limo Service Work?

    All you have to do is call! We’ll schedule your pickup time and location.
    You’ll receive a call between 10-20 minutes prior to your pickup time with detailed instructions on where to meet him (usually the main valet/taxi area).

    Do you Served Alcohol in the Limo?

    No, due to liquor service regulations, we do not offer alcohol in our limos. You may bring a small amount, just enough for the ride.
    You cannot bring outside drinks into the club, and there is no place to store it.

    Will Other People be in the Limo?

    Yes, because it is free, we attempt to pick up as many people as possible in one trip.

    Can I Get a Private Limo?

    Yes, but service is not free. Please Call for details and fees. (702) 767-8757

    Is your club fully nude or topless?

    The Centerfold Cabaret is topless, as is every club in Las Vegas that serves alcohol.

    How much is the cover charge?

    The cover charge is $50 (plus tax)* but is waived when you utilize OUR free limo service from your hotel. Please see all our packages

    What is the minimum age to enter?

    All guess must be 21 years of age or older with a valid photo ID.

    Is there a Dress Code?

    The Centerfold Cabaret in Las Vegas practices a strictly enforced dress code:

    No Sleeveless Shirts, White T-Shirts, Hats, Open Toe Shoes, Bandanna, Beanies, or Do-Rags, Jerseys, Baggie Pants, Gang Affiliated Logos, Sweats or anything deemed inappropriate, disruptive, or offensive by management. 

    Other Questions? GIVE US A CALL.

    (702) 767-8757

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